Telling the little man on your palm that you're about to use the deadliest aerosol known to his kind on him.
The Scottish Word:


Ahm affy sorry wee man ah huv tae use this dreided wee man killer skoosh oan ye.

Ahm assured that ‘they’ will nivir use it oan me, nor dis it hae onie effect on massel oniewye ‘they’ say, so… I suppose it’s only the wee an fusionless immigrants like yersel an yer ilk that hae the dreid.

Nae hard feeling like. It’s presidential policy. I’m only following orders.


dreid: dread.

I am awfully sorry little man I have to use this dreaded little man killer aerosol on you.

I am assured that ‘they’ will never use it on me myself, nor does it have any effect on me anyway ‘they’ tell me, so… I suppose it is only the small and powerless immigrants like yourself and those of your family that have the dread.

No hard feelings I hope. It is a presidential policy. I’m only following orders.

The Scottish Word: dreid with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

Transgender Ladybirds?

I think I drew this because I found a wee ladybird on my pillow the other night when it was a cold wet stormy night in a Scottish November. I took it outside and placed it amongst the ivy and wished it well. It’ll be sheltered but cold and the spiders should be sleeping so it has a chance.

This was before I found out adult ladybirds could hibernate overwinter, so now I am even more encouraged.

But at the time I felt I was the wee man killer sending the wee ladybird to his doom.

Of course the caption to the drawing morphed into the ways we are dealing with immigrants worldwide. Not least the richest country in the world (for the time being).

It is only going to get worse as the world decays. We have a choice on how we start planning for the changes. Be compassionate or evil.

World leadership seems to be lacking in the compassionate side of things so we as individuals need to take responsibility and stand up and speak up.

And while I’m at it, it could have been a transgender ladybird for all I know.

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