Word Quiz 01 Answers:

How would you describe a dull and miserable day?
dreich. (Go to illustration?)
What would you call a stupidly clumsy oaf who spilled your drink all over the pub carpet?
You bawheid! (Go to illustration?)
What would you call a nice deep muddy puddle you could splash about in?
dub. (Go to illustration?)
Which description fits best a fine thirst for a nip of the good stuff?
Drooth. Aye, I've a fine drooth on me for a wee nip. (Go to illustration?)
The backend of something is?
doup. (Go to illustration?)
Do you know any stubborn cusses, who would cut off their nose to spite their face, rather than give in? They are:-
thrawn. (Go to illustration?)
A place you might take your rubbish to?
The coup. (Go to illustration?)

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