Lobey Dosser's Wild West.

High noon …


High noon, and in the foothills to the north of Calton Creek a flat-faced squaw is bent over her cooking pots preparing chow for the Laya Bout Tribe.

The old mince and two veg for they’re a hungry shower, the Laya Bouts….


Why the very mention of their name strikes a chill of terror into all but the stoutest hearts, and small wonder! For here are the most savage, ruthless and cunning redskins in the whole west.



From a nearby butte, enormous puffs of smoke rise high. The dreaded war talk of the tribal leader, the fearsome Chief Toffy Teeth.




Blissfully unaware of the fury about to descend upon it, the dusty little township of Calton Creek drowses peacefully in the hot sun. In his office, the redoubtable Sheriff Lobey Dosser is taking time out from his civic duties to fill in his last eight draws.




All is tranquility?
Don’t you believe it Mac! Bud Neill.Bud Neill 1958.



the desert
the smoke
the bullets
Calton Creek under attack by indians.