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The Cast - Lobey Dosser.

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the Sheriff of Calton Creek is the hero of our tale. His keen sense of justice and concern for his neighbours' welfare drive him to do battle with the resident villain, Rank Bajin. However, he is often too trusting of his enemy and this inevitably leads to trouble.

or Elfie for short is Lobey's faithful steed and companion, and could be considered to be the heroine of our story. Elfie is unique in a couple of respects; she has only two legs and has learned to talk, although the latter talent is rarely exploited.

is Calton Creek's resident villain. He displays all the expected characteristics of a comic 'badie' being dastardly, murderous and megalomaniacal often at the same time. He does however, have a few redeeming features: he has a great command of the English language, can be witty and charming and is a loving father. He never of course, lets these good traits get in the way of his villainy.

is the high heid yin of a tribe known as the Pawnee that appears to have originated somewhere in Govan. Unlike Rank, Toffy Teeth is a covert villain preferring to stick to devious tricks, being careful never to show his true colours to Lobey. His sole endearing feature is his sense of humour.

heads up the Blackfeet tribe who are in dispute with the Pawnee over tribal land rights. Their origin is rather unclear though judging by their accents it would appear that they come from the New Jersey area.

is a former foreign spy who is employed by the Calton Creek council to haunt the local graveyard. He often helps Lobey by undertaking surveillance operations for him.

is a tackety-booted fairy of questionable talent who speaks solely in verse.

appear when least expected usually to provide some witty comment or the punch line to a gag.

appears occasionally, a rather desperate figure trying to make her way back to Partick with son Ned under her arm.

is the owner of the Lazy Z ranch and provides Lobey with his first job in America.

is Whisk E's daughter and Lobey's first love, a love that quickly diminishes when he discovers she is married to a Texan Ranger and is the mother of fourteen weans.

owns the local rabbit farm at Hickory Hollow.

is Vinegar's niece. She is, to be polite, thick as mince.

is the square-jawed criminal mastermind.

are probably the true stars. They can often be observed balancing a wean under one arm whilst fending off Red Indians with a six shooter in the other hand.