Ukrainian refugees in national colours discover red noses.
The Scottish Word:


Whiles ye ken, an awfie wee thing can mak ye canty for a spell e’en in the worst o times.


whiles, whyles: sometimes, occasionally.

Sometimes you know, an awfully small thing can make you cheerful for a short spell even in the worst of times.

The Scottish Word: whiles with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.


Refugees are on the increase and come not only from war but from famine, oppression, and our environmental disasters that are steadily increasing.

It is a problem we need to come to terms with no matter our feelings on race, creed or colour. If you can donate something please do. Remember poverty is relative and the future is not as stable as we are in the habit of imagining, even for us, in the West.

Red Nose Day.

Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day is a charity I support in the UK and some of its money is going to help refugees.

Please donate to them or to where you can. No matter how small. A lot of small things add up. And what is small to us is big to another.

Please Donate to Comic Relief Here. Red Nose Day.

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