Archaeologist in a pit with a fossilised dinosaur skull with a fossilised human skull stuck in its teeth.
The Scottish Word:


“Ye better come an document the hell oot o this, it’s gonna cause a stooshie.”


stooshie, stoushie, strushie, strooshie: also stashie, stushie and stishie a disturbance, commotion, tumult, squabble.

“You had better come and document this thoroughly, it is going to create an uproar.”


Illustration Friday. layer.

There’s an enjoyable TV programme in the UK called Time Team about a bunch of archaeologists.

I regularly watch it but they usually spend three days digging and find next to nothing.

The explanation of finds are often a fantasy of the past imagined through the bubble of today. And only given weight by the vapour of academic credentials.

Yet it’s still entertaining.

It’s sad that we have forgotten that the finish and precision of machine made goods were once matched by hand crafted products.

I’ve seen in museum cases beautifully carved axe heads attached to rudely made handles by crude fibers as a re-creation of what the stone age original must have been like.

How museum curators think the craftsman who made the beautifully polished and shaped stone axe head would then attach it to a badly made wooden handle bound with even more badly made twine is beyond me.

If our ancestors shaped stone beautifully then surely they carved wood beautifully and would have braided fine cord out of quality materials to match the axe head.

Wood and fibre would be easy to craft compared to stone.

The Scottish Word: stooshie with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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