Woman in Karate Gi expertly launches one rolling pin from several yards away at the head of a biggot.
The Scottish Word:


“Foreign rubbish, martial arts, foreign rubbish – ya silly heifer!”


Heifer: a young cow or a clumsy big woman.

[heifer spelled out in the phonetic alphabet.]
The Scottish Word: heifer with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

Till Death us do Part.

For those who don’t know. This is a reference to Alf Garnet from a popular 70s comedy sitcom Till Death us do Part who was a anti-woke as it is possible to be.

His catch phrase was ‘you silly moo’.

Created by Johnny Speight. The main actors were: Alf Garnett (Warren Mitchell). His long-suffering wife Else (Dandy Nichols), his daughter Rita (Una Stubbs) and her husband Mike Rawlins (Anthony Booth).

Alf Garnet the bigot was rendered impotent and ridiculous with his views dismantled as narrow and nonsensical by the responses of those around him.

Nor was it one dimensional. There were undercurrents of pathos as well as lively commentary on the politics of the day. And bloody good acting.

The Americans ran a version where their bigot and misogynist was called Archie Bunker.

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