Santa trialing the new elf drones at the North Pole roof top test delivery environment.
The Scottish Word:


Tak it frae me Donner, we may be graith the noo but we maunbe douchtless suin eneuch.

Jist like whit happened tae aw the elves when he replaced them wi thon flittin clever-deid new fangled whigmaleerie things aroond us.

The puir elves. Gien their jotters an oot the door wi ne’er a thankyou. Bigyin yonder has nae need o slaves that hae need o siller onie mair.


graith: implements (for a particular purpose), tools for the job in hand.

Take it from me Donner, we may be the tool for the job at the moment but we’ll be unavoidably made useless soon enough.

Just like what happened to all the elves when he replaced them with these flitting artificially intelligent robotic drones around us.

The poor elves. Made redundant and out the door with never a thank you. The big boss over there doesn’t need wage slaves any more.

The Scottish Word: graith with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

No Welfare in the North Pole.

Santa land is an unfettered capitalist hegemony where all Santa Inc. profits are made outwith the North Pole. Consequently there is no need for the local elves to be paid or even to be on welfare to keep the local economy going.

The whole of the outside world buys Santa Inc. goods. If the elves cannot, it does not matter. Profits are still huge.

The elves thinks Basic Income would be a humane solution and reduce the homelessness, they despair of lack of healthcare, misery and death caused by zero jobs brought on by developments in technology.

What is Basic Income.

A basic income is a periodic cash payment unconditionally delivered to all on an individual basis, without means-test or work requirement.

Basic Income will help us rethink how & why we work. A basic income could help people choose other work and reconsider old choices: It would enable people to retrain, safe in the knowledge that they’ll have enough money to survive while they do. It will therefore give some freedom to each of us to decide what it is we would truly want to work at for our future.

The Basic Income European Network.

A couple of reasons to support basic income.

Basic Income could empower us to refrain from supporting those employers that are still keen to turn people into wage slaves with poor terms and conditions. Basic Income might also be a way for a fairer redistribution of the benefits of technological advancement.

Ten reasons to support Basic Income.

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