Some examples.

Man in a turtle shell doodle.

Telescope doodle at creative meeting.

Biro doodle on damp napkin.

doodle of a scorpion with a mug of tea.


Definition: troodle |ˈtroōdl|

noun [singular]
1: a rough absentminded drawing made seemingly without purpose that is posted on twitter. I wouldn't want to analyse that troodle.
verb [ intrans. ]
(of a tweeter) He troodled at least once a week.
troodler |-tr(ə)lər| |ˈtrudlər| noun
ORIGIN early 21st cent. (a combination of twitter, draw and doodle).

2: Troodle: Also a breed of dog crossing a Terrier and a Poodle.


The troodle is a tweet with the hashtag #troodle accompanied by a doodle.

Doodle: an image created absentmindedly without any conscious purpose.

The troodle image should be optimised as much as is possible for the web including making it available with minimal web baggage. Even down to linking directly to the image without the bother of any semblance of a web page and definitely no ads.

The tweet that accompanies the troodle should contain the hashtag #troodle but the rest is entirely up to the creator of the troodle.

I usually try and analyse my troodles to see if I can figure out why I made such an image. If I'm wrong it doesn't matter. It's all done for fun.

Please join in and upload your doodles with the hashtag #troodle if you're on Twitter.

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