Message in a Bottle

Man peering at Mac in whiskey bottle

This is a wee set of pages dedicated to helping people communicate their message - successfully.

It's intention is to help you get what you want out there, clear, loud and into someone's brain.

An additional editorial by me on software suck.

Impatient heads
literatites &
slowww modemites
this way text only.
big chested girl sprinting, get a graphical browser!

Patient souls
graphical addicts & pixel
shovellering fast
this way OR
if you want to
use frames
waaay out,
makes for slightly easier navigation.


I might, just might, animate this image.

Made with Macintosh

This set of pages, Message in a Bottle on concise communication via the Web, was first published in 1995. It was among the winners of a design an on-line magazine competition that (my memory fails here) either Future PLC or Dennis Publishing ran. The winners were put on-line.

The content in the Message in a Bottle pages remains the same as it was in 1995. It's not been changed or updated.

The coding has. Following modern 2021 practices I've removed the use of tables for layout, introduced a basic style sheet and removed most of the propriety markup and embedded styles. Some of those old ways do still remain in the code however – purely out of historical sentiment and laziness.

Alan Scott/Scotland.