I’ve made some stuff using Redbubble and Society6. So far I have some masks, mugs and Tshirts available in various styles and colours.

Goods below available from my Redubble shop.

Even with no markup for me I can’t compete on price with mass produced stuff. But it is all made to order which makes it likely you’ll be unique in your neighbourhood. Also Redbubble frequently makes deals available. You can leave comments at the bottom of this page – feedback can be good.

Hoo’s it Hingin – cream.

Scottish words T shirts available on Redbubble.

Face up to the rest of the world with a Grinning Sporran T shirt. A selection of garments and colours are available. The ‘Hoo’s it Hingin’ Grinning Sporran graphic is cream. Hoo’s it hingin translates to “Hello how are things going with you?” It is up to you to select a colour that will work with the cream colour – not all the garments available will.  I shall be adding more choices of colour and different versions of the grinning sporran as time progresses.

Scottish Words Couthie Alphabet Mug.

Scottish nice words alphabet coffee mug available on redbubble.

I tried to be a goody with this Couthie Mug and included Scottish words that are complimentary, polite and nice. You could buy it with its polar opposite the Snash Mug. The Couthie Mug is for when you want to sit with good friends and chat about the best of times. These mugs will be a talking point. Very few of us will know all the words and non Scots will likely know none.

Scottish Words Alphabet Mug.

Scottish words alphabet coffee mug available on redbubble.

This mug has Scottish words good and bad to fire up discussions with colleagues over coffee or soup or tea or whatever else you like in a good mug. None of the words will insult a Scot and most of them are nice anyway, besides we Scots tend to be thick skinned. All the words can be found in the Stooryduster Scottish Words Glossary. Start typing and the list of words immediately starts reducing to home in on likely words as you type.

Scottish Words Food and Drink Mug.

Scottish food words alphabet coffee mug available on redbubble.

A mug with selection of Scottish food words that you and your friends can look up the recipes and have a go at making while you share a beverage using the Food Words Alphabet Mugs. I doubt Powsowdie would fit in a mug without a blender being brought to bear. But me, I’d happily sip on Athole brose or snack on a scone with Jeelie and cream along with a mug of Scottish blend tea. I take mine black.

Scottish Words Snash Alphabet Mug.

Scottish rude words alphabet coffee mug available on redbubble.

The Snash Words Alphabet Mug – snash meaning rude or insulting in Scots. Best for when you want to smoulder darkly and drink coffee out of a mug of nasty words. I sometimes feel like that and actually doing it can sometimes feel like catharsis. You can check out meanings before you buy in the glossary here. I sincerely doubt any Scots will be offended by any of the words – insults are part of our social discourse – among friends anyway.


Stooryduster's Redbubble shop.


I’ve designed some Scottish themed masks, Hingin Grinning Sporran mask and the Midge Bytes mask, for myself and family.

Scottish Themed masks from Redbubble.

The masks immediately below from RedBubble cost from £9.19 – the pleated double layered masks with room for filter from Society 6 even further down cost from $13.99.

example of stooryduster Scottish themed masks.

Scottish themed masks from Society6.

Hingin Grinning Sporran mask and the Midge Bytes mask

large-mask-sample with link to shop.

Hingin Grinning Sporran mask and the Midge Bytes mask in various colours: azure, orange, blue, green, yellow, white and black. $13.99 each.

sample colors mask images with link to shop

Machine-washable, crafted with a poly fabric and woven elastic ear loops, pleated, dual layer construction for snug fit, includes an inner “pocket” for disposable filters, mask measurements: 7″ x 3.5″ Not medical grade. Filters not included

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to help the COVID-19 recovery effort.

I will be adding items month by month and welcome any suggestions. Have a look below and see if there’s anything you like. Clicking on any of the items shown above will take you to the shop.