Scottish Words Calendar

None Left

Sorry none of my 2020 Calendar are left to sell. They’re made as gifts for friends and family first and only a few are ever up for sale.

And I’m debating with myself whether I’ll make a calendar for next year.


The clear plastic cases that I used as cases and stands for the calendars came from an old project that was cancelled and rather than see them dumped in landfill I rescued them.

Because all these cases came free I used them to start making the Scottish Words Calendar each year for friends and family.

But over the years more people kept asking for them and eventually to offset the growing cost of the increased amount I was making I started selling some.

The plastic cases have now run out and I’m not willing to use more plastic for obvious reasons. I’ll explore alternative designs but if the cost is too much it will not be worth it since I never made the calendars for profit.

We’ll see. Check back in the middle of the year if you’re interested in what the outcome will be.