blowing the bagpipes

An entertaining expanding weekly dictionary of Scottish words, all illustrated – including a phonetic guide to pronunciation, definition, quizzes and translations into English.

What else do I do?

I’m a graphic and sometimes web designer. I enjoy making software work efficiently and making animations in Flash when I get the time. I also illustrate as well as cartoon. I also lecture on design.

I’m a big fan of good quality science fiction which is hard to come by nowadays. I miss the old authors but one of my favourite more modern authors who creates great original alien types is C J Cherryh.

The grinning sporran.

I have a prejudice against form over content and a despair of people who lack the will to see beyond surface appearances.

I admire those that confront their fears through constant challenge and risky ventures. Having the courage and stamina to choose to make their own lives difficult. I like people in general though, all sorts, I couldn’t draw cartoons if I didn’t. Too often we look at a person and see our memories of them or our first impression based on our prejudices instead of seeing the reality of who is standing before us at that very moment.

All my work in drawing, graphic design, illustration, the web, multimedia, and interpretation has always included an attempt to try and prod people a bit more awake at some level or another. All of us, me too, and too often, are slumbering through life peering at the world through our reflection rather than trying to see clearly and engage the real thing.

Those that can should have children. It wakes you up and helps you see what we’re missing through their eyes – afresh.

The problem is – how to keep keeping awake?

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