“Ooooyah! That soonded like a twa hipper skite tae me.”


twa hipper skite: two hip slip (both broken).

“Ouch! That sounded like a two hip slip to me.”

[twa hipper skite spelled out in the phonetic alphabet.]

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Trapped indoors. Heavy snow and prolonged cold is causing problems in Scotland and the UK stranding some people in their own homes. Cold and the effects of cold also increase the number of deaths above the average expected, mainly amongst the elderly.

Luckily our country has a cold weather payment policy to avoid vulnerable people putting themselves in danger by worrying about heating bills. But they need to claim.

This makes me think of the American president. He struggled to get health care for the poor but had no problem imposing more security methods upon his people when there was a terrorist attack.

If we made a graph and plotted the deaths from a sudden terrorist attack against the slow creeping terror of the number of children in the world who die every day from malnutrition, neglect and war then I doubt the spike on the graph from any terrorist action would rate a blip above the daily average.

We initiate all sorts of things when there is a sudden deaths event. But how many of us can claim to have made a sustained effort against the slow creeping deaths that exist in the world? Obama tried.