“Ahm switchin aff the auto doup dichter hen. If yer wantin it back oan mind tae dae it yersel.”


doup: bottom, backend of something.

“I am switching off the automatic bottom wiping machine darling. If you are desirous of it being active again be sure to switch it on yourself.”

[doup spelled out in phonetic alphabet.]

Illustration Friday.


I dare say the idea for this came from the fact I’m replacing the hinges on our wooden toilet seat.

Not content with just that I decided to sand and re varnish the thing which means it is out of action for at least a couple of days.

The family are using the bare porcelain at the moment.

The upside is that the toilet has never remained so consistently sparklingly clean. Especially with two teenage boys.

The easy method would have been to buy a new seat and hinges and replace immediately. But I abhor the waste of resources.

Especially wood. I hate seeing good wood that still has potential use thrown in a skip.

Oh. And I did think of him going really old fashioned by bringing in some docken (Rumex obtusifolius) leaves from outside, used before paper came along. But a lot of people wouldn’t get that.