Scottish Words Illustrated.

pick the correct meaning to match each of the 7 items. A dialogue box will appear each time offering either abuse or congratulations. Any final feedback wanted varies depending on your performance.

You only get one go at each question, so think before you click.

There are buttons to; get feedback, have another try, or get the answers.

The quiz words are taken from the novel But n Ben A-Go-Go - Scottish Science Fiction by Matthew Fitt published by Luath Press.
ISBN 0-946487-82-0

It's a rare read. Written in Scots about a wasted Scotland drenched in deadly UV radiation where the entire population live on offshore floating cities anchored 700 metres above a drowned Greenock.

Submarnock is an extremely unpleasant underwater prison.

Inverdisney is a pampered private and protected community where only the very rich and influential can afford the rent.

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These are standard recipes learnt from grannies, aunties, uncles and others.


Scottish Words; Go Go Quiz:

1. Cloodkittler.

A psychological profiler employed by Clart Central?

Clumsy cyberspace hackers active in VINE?

Ultra sky scraper?

Socialites indulging in gardening on the UV battered Drylands?

2. Anti shoogle fin.

Stabilizer fin?

Mother's sister's home baking?

Finnish protester against sex?

Environmentally friendly ingredients for shark fin soup?

3. Cyberjanny.

Self medicated serum against the deadly Senga virus?

Cyberspace police active in VINE?

Door secured electronically?

Digital oral hygene monitor?

4. Stoorsooker.

Ground to air intercept missile?

Vacuum cleaner?

Hurricane protection gear issued to Ceilidh security forces?

Land mine developed by Rebel American Tourists?

5. Incendie cowp.

UV radiation engendered skin condition?

Incentive to seduce?

To be blown into the sea by hurricane?

Waste incinerator?

6. Clype cam.

Exotic shellfish?

Hinge of heavy storm vault door?

Video surveilance?

Machine part of a rotor motor brake system?

7. Plastipoke.

Heavy duty storm coat?

Prophylactic against the deadly Senga virus?

Plastic carrier bag?

Standard Amphibian Fusilier issue flotation vest?

Scottish Words illustrated